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96 Deep Well Plate

96 tip comb for DW magnets/Deepwell 96 Plate, V-bottom for PCR

Product features

  • Made by Medical Grade PP, better safety
  • Suitable for sticker sealing, silicone sealing and heat sealable film sealing
  • Used to extract dissociative DNA, be compatible with Kingfisher Flex.
  • Wide applications, such as high throughput screening (HTS), cell, tissue cultivation, continuous dilution,
  • Reagent transfer 
  • Sample preserve even in temperature -80℃
  • Designed in SBS format, and can be stacked, easy to store. 
Ordering Information
Item No. Product Name Package
G02001 96 tip comb for DW magnets  10 pcs/bag
G01002 Microtitier deep well 96 plate, V-bottom 5 pcs/bag