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Cell Filter

Product description:

   The GM cell filter is gamma sterilized, fast and easy to use, and is used to separate primary cells from tissues and continuously obtain a single cell suspension with consistent shape and performance. Often used for organ culture, tissue transfer or transplantation. The GM cell filter is made from a sturdy nylon mesh and is available in three sizes: 100um (yellow), 70um (white), and 40um (purple).

   The GM cell filter is especially suitable for stem cell and primary cell filtration, often used in conjunction with flow cytometry, and is the best choice for the six-cell sorting experiment.
Isolation of blood cells isolated from bone marrow, pancreas, thymus, tonsils and lymph nodes to obtain a single cell suspension
Prepare samples for primary cell culture and immunization
Filtration of inactivated serum gelatin
Preparation of frozen stocks

Product Features:
l   Strengthened nylon mesh, commonly used 100μm (yellow), 70μm (white), 40μm (purple), other apertures can be customized.
l   The average distribution of meshes provides consistent and reliable results.
l   The top extension edge can be aseptically operated with a surgical forceps.
l   Molded pigmented polypropylene frames are easy to handle and resolve.
l   Sterilized by gamma rays, no DNase, no RNase, no heat.