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Manifolds Vacuum Filtration


Brief instruction

Manifolds Vacuum Filtration is used primarily in microbiological and analytical procedures that involve collecting a particulate (bacteria, precipitate, etc.) from a liquid suspension. They are particular designed and produced for several samples filtrate at the same time. Because each filter holder has individual control valve, only one set vacuum pump can sustain the single or Multi-branch manifold filter operate together.
1.   All stainless steel funnel with cap(300ml)
2.   SS316L supporter
3.   3-branch or 6-branch holder ( SS 316L)
4.   Stainless steel valve 
5.   O rings
Each holder have individual control valve, agility for use、convenience in antisepsis、high efficiency.
Test three or six samples at the same time, high sensitivity, low false –positive, and easy to operation.
Operation range:
Widely used for chemistry analyze,biochemical-pharmaceutical, sanitation test, environment test ,water quality analyze, food staff, beverage and science research and so on.
Ordering information
Catalogue Number Specification Funnel Valve Support Screen Connection Holder Base
RGFA1SS 1-branch SS316L SUS SS316L   Screw SS316L
RGFA0225 3-branch SS316L SUS SS316L   Screw SS316L
RGFA0226 6-branch SS316L SUSE SS316L   Screw SS316L