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    This HLB sorbent will provide reversed-phase cleanup of acidic, basic and neutral compounds form complex sample matrices.
HLB has been designed to simplify SPE with easy to follow protocols. It also produces cleaner samples by removing greater than
95% of common matrix interferences such as salts, proteins and phospholipids. Additionally, viscous samples can be processed
with faster flows through the device and less plugging. When using the pass-thru protocol, the 6 cc cartridge with 500 mg sorbent
can be used to clean up more sample compared to the cartridge with 200 mg sorbent. The additional volume of extract can be further
concentrated for sample enrichment.

Average Partical Size:  40μm
Coefficient of Variation: < 5%
Pore Size: 300Å
Specific surface area:(m2/g)       600
PH Area 1-14
Appearance:White Powder 
Stroage at room temperature 

Ordering Information:

Part No. Media Bed weight Column volume Package
RNSC301-HLB HLB  30mg 1mL 50
RNSC601-HLB 60mg 1mL 50
RNSC303-HLB 30mg 3mL 50
RNSC603-HLB 60mg 3mL 50
RNSC1506-HLB 150mg 6mL 30
RNSC2006-HLB 200mg 6mL 30
RNSC5006-HLB 500mg 6mL 30
RNSC50012-HLB 500mg 12mL 30