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GREEN MALL ®series are characterized with the best quality and
superior performance in chromatography analysis.
GREEN MALL ®SPE Columns are packed with high purity and spheripol sorbents with even distribution,
which ensures the reproducibility and consistency, so that a safe, reliable and efficient sample preparation
process is guaranteed. 

High purity silica gel
Smooth spheripol sorbent
Even distribution
Perfect reproducibility
Consistent results
Better selectivity
Very competitive prices


Average Partical Size: 50 μm±15
Silica Base: spherical shaped
Pore Size: 60 Å
Endcapped: yes
Carbon(C%): 20%
Area: 315m2/g

Ordering Information:

Part No. Media Bed weight Column volume Package
RNSC100X1X-C18 C18 100mg 1ml 50
RNSC200X3X-C18 200mg 3ml 50
RNSC500X3X-C18 500mg 3ml 50
RNSC500X6X-C18 500mg 6ml 30
RNSC10006X-C18 1000mg 6ml 30
RNSC100012-C18 1000mg 12ml 30
RNSC200012-C18 2000mg 12ml 30