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C8 has very close characteristics with C18, but it has short carbon chain, thus it has week reservation
than C18 to non-polar compound. When analyte has too strong reservation on C18, C8 is an alternative
choice. In the meantime, as C8 has shorter carbon chain, it can’t cover the Residual Silanol Groups on
the surface of silica gel. Thus it has stronger reservation than C18 to polar compound. Test shows that C8
can extract fat-soluable and water-soluable vitamin in human blood.
Average partical size: 50μm
Average pore size: 70Å
Specific surface area:600m2/g

Ordering Information:

Part No. Media Bed weight Column volume Package
RNSC1001-C8 C8 100mg 1mL 50
RNSC2003-C8 200mg 3mL 50
RNSC5003-C8 500mg 3mL 50
RNSC5006-C8 500mg 6mL 30
RNSC10006-C8 1000mg 6mL 30
RNSC100012-C8 1000mg 12mL 30
RNSC200012-C8 2000mg 12mL 30