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MCX is a novel, mixed-mode polymeric sorbent that has been optimized to achieve higher selectivity and sensitivity
for extracting basic compounds with cation-exchange groups. Since MCX sorbent is water wettable, it maintains its
capability for higher retention and excellent recoveries even if the sorbent runs dry, which means there is no need to
take extraordinary steps to keep the sorbent beds from drying out during the critical steps prior to sample loading. It has
high choice for alkaline analyte and is stable in organic solvents.

*  Alkaline Drug in Biological fluids and tissue extract objects
* Drug Monitor including screening, identification, confirmation and quantitative analysis;
*  Pesticides and Herbicide

       Base:Resin or PS/DVB
       Average Practical Size  50μm
       Coefficient of Variation: < 5%
       Pore Size: 300 Å
       Specific surface area:(m2/g)    600
       PH arrange 1-14
       Appearance: Light Yellow
       Storage Condition: Room temperature, Dry 

Ordering Inforation

Part No. Media Bed weight Column volume Package
RNSC301-MCX MCX 30mg 1mL 50
RNSC601-MCX 60mg 1mL 50
RNSC303-MCX 30mg 3mL 50
RNSC603-MCX 60mg 3mL 50
RNSC1506-MCX 150mg 6mL 30
RNSC2006-MCX 200mg 6mL 30
RNSC5006-MCX 500mg 6mL 30
RNSC50012-MCX 500mg 12mL 30
RNSC100012-MCX 1000mg 12mL 30