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The WAX weak anion-exchange SPE chemistry is designed for scientists searching for a fast,
simple and highly selective method for sample preparation and cleanup. WAX is a polymeric
reversed-phase, weak ion exchange mixed-mode sorbent that allows for the retention and
release of strong acidic compounds (e.g. phosphonates). The elution solvent is MS friendly
and the sorbent is completely water wettable.

Ordering Information:

Part No. Media Bed weight Column volume Package
RNSC301-WAX WAX 30mg 1mL 50
RNSC601-WAX 60mg 1mL 50
RNSC303-WAX 30mg 3mL 50
RNSC603-WAX 60mg 3mL 50
RNSC1506-WAX 150mg 6mL 30
RNSC2006-WAX 200mg 6mL 30
RNSC5006-WAX 500mg 6mL 30
RNSC50012-WAX 500mg 12mL 30
RNSC100012-WAX 1000mg 12mL 30