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Florisi is an extremely polar sorbent that is a blend of magnesium oxide and silica gel. This highly active and
weakly basic sorbent is used to adsorb low to moderate polarity species from nonaqueous solutions. Florisil
is commonly used for pesticide analysis in many AOAC, EPA, and JPMHLW regulated methods for food and
environmental samples.

Average Particle size:  45-74μm
Average Pore size: 120Å
Specific surface area: 700m2/g

Ordering Information

Part No. Media Bed weight Column volume
RNSC1001-F Florisil 100mg 1mL
RNSC2003-F 200mg 3mL
RNSC5003-F 500mg 3mL
RNSC5006-F 500mg 6mL
RNSC10006-F 1000mg 6mL
RNSC100012-F 1000mg 12mL
RNSC200012-F 2000mg 12mL