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All Glass Holder

Feathers and Use
    This product is made of high-quality extra hard glass. It is sparking and crystal-clear. Its thickness is even. The performance of withstanding voltage and its leakproofness is very good, and its size agrees with the international standard size. 
    It can be used for sterilization at high temperature and high pressure. It is mainly used in the filtration of HPLC mobile phase and has the function of outgas to guarantee the clean of mobile phase and avoid the blockage of HPLC liquid flow path.
We have various types of glass holders. M type is connected by ground glass. Type S is connected by Stopper.
Item No. Model Funnel Pore Size of Support Screen Material of Support Screen Receiving Bottle Suitable Membrane
RNGH01 GM-1 300ml 10μm Borosilicate glass 1000ml φ47 orφ50
RNGH02 GM-2 500ml 10μm Borosilicate glass 2000ml φ58 orφ60
RNGH03 GS-1 300ml 10μm Borosilicate glass 1000ml φ47 orφ50
RNGH04 GS-300 300ml 10μm Borosilicate glass _ φ47 orφ50
RNGH05 GM-S1 300ml SUS 100μm SS316L 1000ml Glass φ47 orφ50