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Disposable Vacuum Filter Units

Vacuum filter units are very useful in large volume samples separation and purification. It is made of PS. It is used with vacuum pump
•     Ideal for filtration of tissue culture media, biological fluids, fixation buffers etc.
•     Cell culture media and other aqueous solutions
•     Sterile filtration of solutions which can’t be autoclaved
•     After filtration, samples go directly to sterile receiving bottles that can be stored afterwards.
•     Stable receiving bottle, low center of gravity to avoid splash
•     Large knurls on the reservoir bottle cap for easy screw
•     The concave on the body of the receiving bottles makes it easy to grab which also simplify tightening/loosening and adjustments
•     Designed wide and easy access bottle mouth for efficiently and stably pouring out
•     Engraved graduation on the funnel ensure accuracy
•     Design hose connector can fit various hose diameters
•     Packaged in easy peel-to-open plastic bag, and receiver bottle cap is individually wrapped.
•     Each individual unit is lot-numbered for easy identification and tracking.
•     Gamma irradiation sterilized
•     No DNAse, RNAse, Non-pyrogenic
Ordering Information 
•     Available with 5 membrane sorts of PVDF, PES, MCE ,Nylon and PTFE
•     2 membrane pore sizes of 0.22μm and 0.45μm (other size can be customized)
•     4 volumes size of 125, 250, 500 and 1000ml

GREEN MALL® Disposable Vacuum Filter Unit      
Catalogue No. Product Name Media Pore Size(µm) Volumn (ml) Package
RVFPES22150 150ml Vacuum Filter PES 0.22 150 12pcs/Box
RVFPES22250 250ml Vacuum Filter PES 0.22 250 12pcs/Box
RVFPES22500 500ml Vacuum Filter PES 0.22 500 12pcs/Box
RVFPES22000 1000ml Vacuum Filter PES 0.22 1000 12pcs/Box
RVFPES45150 150ml Vacuum Filter PES 0.45 150 12pcs/Box
RVFPES45250 250ml Vacuum Filter PES 0.45 250 12pcs/Box
RVFPES45500 500ml Vacuum Filter PES 0.45 500 12pcs/Box
RVFPES45000 1000ml Vacuum Filter PES 0.45 1000 12pcs/Box
RVFMCE22150 150ml Vacuum Filter MCE 0.22 150 12pcs/Box
RVFMCE22250 250ml Vacuum Filter MCE 0.22 250 12pcs/Box
RVFMCE22500 500ml Vacuum Filter MCE 0.22 500 12pcs/Box
RVFMCE22000 1000ml Vacuum Filter MCE 0.22 1000 12pcs/Box
RVFMCE45150 150ml Vacuum Filter MCE 0.45 150 12pcs/Box
RVFMCE45250 250ml Vacuum Filter MCE 0.45 250 12pcs/Box
RVFMCE45500 500ml Vacuum Filter MCE 0.45 500 12pcs/Box
RVFMCE45000 1000ml Vacuum Filter MCE 0.45 1000 12pcs/Box
RVFPV22150 150ml Vacuum Filter PVDF 0.22 150 12pcs/Box
RVFPV22250 250ml Vacuum Filter PVDF 0.22 250 12pcs/Box
RVFPV22500 500ml Vacuum Filter PVDF 0.22 500 12pcs/Box
RVFPV22000 1000ml Vacuum Filter PVDF 0.22 1000 12pcs/Box
RVFPV45150 150ml Vacuum Filter PVDF 0.45 150 12pcs/Box
RVFPV45250 250ml Vacuum Filter PVDF 0.45 250 12pcs/Box
RVFPV45500 500ml Vacuum Filter PVDF 0.45 500 12pcs/Box
RVFPV45000 1000ml Vacuum Filter PVDF 0.45 1000 12pcs/Box
RVFNY22150 150ml Vacuum Filter Nylon 0.22 150 12pcs/Box
RVFNY22250 250ml Vacuum Filter Nylon 0.22 250 12pcs/Box
RVFNY22500 500ml Vacuum Filter Nylon 0.22 500 12pcs/Box
RVFNY22000 1000ml Vacuum Filter Nylon 0.22 1000 12pcs/Box
RVFNY45150 150ml Vacuum Filter Nylon 0.45 150 12pcs/Box
RVFNY45250 250ml Vacuum Filter Nylon 0.45 250 12pcs/Box
RVFNY45500 500ml Vacuum Filter Nylon 0.45 500 12pcs/Box
RVFNY45000 1000ml Vacuum Filter Nylon 0.45 1000 12pcs/Box