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Hi,Welcome to Jiangsu Green Union Science Instrument Co.,Ltd!

绿盟科学仪器有限公司 Jiangsu Green Union Science Instrument Co.,Ltd


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R&D Capabilities

Has a number of national patents, a number of researchers focused on new product development

Stable Product Quality

In accordance with the European and American standards of production, product quality is better than domestic counterparts, export quality

Perfect After Sale Service

Each product can be tracked batch number, any quality problems, within 24 hours to reply

Advanced Facility

Advanced production equipment and testing equipment to ensure the stability of product quality

Advanced Technology

Each department of the company staff have employed more than 5 years experience, the products in detail, at home and abroad to participate in various exhibitions and Technology Forum, to understand the current world's most advanced production technology, ensure our company can keep pace with the times


ABOUT USJiangsu Green Union

Our company locates at China Medical City. We are one of the most influence companies in HPLC industry. We are focusing on researching, producing HPLC consumables and instruments. Facing the reality that people are strengthen their idea of low-carbon, environmental protection, health, we contributor our efforts to the testing industry and help purify the world...




1、溶剂过滤器是易碎品,切不可整体搬移,特别不能拿着夹子搬移 2、过滤膜选择要选择合格产品,不合格的会溶进杂质,可用待过滤的溶剂浸泡24小时看有无溶解现象,以考察过滤膜质量 3、过滤膜分有机和水系,要区分开。 4、水系过滤,有机用有机膜,最好过滤后....
针式过滤器外壳材料选用优质卫生级聚丙烯材料,产品结构设计精密,保证了过滤的流畅,内部空间合理化,残留率非常低,从而减少了样品的浪费。 在HPLC分析中,色谱柱填料粒度较小,很容易被杂质颗粒堵塞,因此样品和溶剂需要预先过滤,除去颗粒污染物,保护仪....
Warmly celebrate Jiangsu Green Unit Science Instrument Co.,L

Warmly celebrate Jiangsu Green Unit Science Instrument Co.,L

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