Membrane Filter

RC membrane filter
RC membrane filter

About RC membrane Filter

    Green mall regenerated cellulose membrane is made of pure fiber without any wetting agent and additives. The filter membrane has excellent cleanliness and solvent compatibility.

Features and advantages

  • Good hydrophilicity, good wet strength and convenient operation

  • Good chemical compatibility, resistant to most organic solvents, such as acetonitrile, methanol, ethanol, etc

  • Very low dissolution, less dissolution and lower background than polymer cast films (such as PVDF, mixed cellulose, etc.)

  • Ultra low protein binding. According to calculation, protein adsorption is the lower of all filter membranes

  • Sterilization includes dry heat sterilization, ultraviolet, ethylene oxide, etc., and can withstand high temperature up to 180 ℃

  • The material is pure natural and the environment is more friendly

Ordering Information

Item No.Product NameDiametermmPore Size (μm)Membrane Material
RMF13R1Membrane Filter130.45RC
RMF13R2Membrane Filter130.22RC
RMF25R1Membrane Filter250.45RC
RMF25R2Membrane Filter250.22RC
RMF47R1Membrane Filter470.45RC
RMF47R2Membrane Filter470.22RC

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